November 26, 2020

Version 1.65

New Tools to Help you Manage your Credits

Wouldn't it be helpful to know how many remaining credits you have BEFORE you upload a video? We think so, too!

Knowing what you have left prompts you to curate and prioritize your video uploads. When you click Upload Video on the Library page, administrators will now see the remaining credit amount displayed as gigabytes and hours/minutes, as long as:

  • The file is readable.

  • The file you try to upload is a regulated file type under HTML 5 standards such as .mov and .mp4 files.

You'll have the option to continue the upload, view recommended video settings, or cancel the upload.

If the file does not fall within recommended settings or is not readable, you will only see the remaining credit amount in gigabytes. This is because we cannot determine the number of bitrates per second, so we're unable to read the hours/minutes remaining.

Tip: Bits per second affect the video and audio file size and quality, the internet connect speed and cost for bandwidth. More bits per second means more information in your video in every second, resulting in better video quality. The same applies to bitrates. The higher the bitrate, the better the sound. While this results in smoother streams, it also results in larger video file sizes.

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