February 17, 2021

Version 1.69

New functionality in User Management

In addition to the usual profile information (first name, last name, email, display name, etc.), you can now view permissions and content access.

  1. When managing an individual's access inside of Realm Streaming, you can now see what permissions a user has. There are four areas under Permissions:

    1. User Groups - you can see which groups someone belongs and if the group is enabled or disabled.
    2. Page Access - you can see which pages the individual can view. You'll be able to tell if permissions are group or individual enabled and if the page is active or not.
    3. Guest Pass - here you'll see the name, access type (group or individual), container type, and container thumbnail the individual has access to.
    4. Uploads - you can view all of the video assets the user uploaded via the Community Upload feature ONLY. You can view the thumbnail, name and state of each video.
      Note: If a portal does not have an active Community Upload, this interface displays as empty.
      Image of new features in the User Information area
  2. Look up purchases made by a user. This displays container type purchases as well as items available for purchase outside of a container type. There are five new features in Container Types:
    1. VOD - single purchases made by a user.
    2. Series - displays single purchase made by a user for a series level only. If a user purchases something other than a series, click the dollar sign link to view the season or episode transaction report.
    3. Live (v1 only) - displays purchases for live events
    4. Packages
    5. Subscriptions

Live Polling

Site administrators can now display a live poll or set of questions to users and choose to display or hide the leader board which aggregates responses to the survey. The leader board shows general percentage results, instead of right or wrong answers.