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June 15, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on June 15, 2022.

Paid Time Off Accrual

Add accrual rates to paid time off. On an employee's Time Off tab, add an accrual rate to the appropriate time off type. Set the format to hours or days depending on what your employee will accrue. Then, enter how many hours or days the employee accrues per hour, pay period, or year. Decimals work, too!

Account for accrual in the future. If an employee earns a raise in how much time off they accrue, you can set that in advance when you apply an accrual rate to one of their time off types.

Track minimum and maximum balances. Set accrual limitations and track when an employee is at risk of maxing out or falling below the minimum allotted amount.

Print time off balances that earn time on pay stubs. Any time off type that has an earned balance will automatically print on your employee's pay stub.

Display more on your time off reports. Run Time Off Summary and Time Off Detail reports to verify the amount of time a group of employees has available to take off. You can specify the time off type you want to view in both reports.

With the detailed report, specify the date range to print log entries for time taken or amount earned, for example, within that period. You can also choose to include your log entry notes to this report.