January 12, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on January 12, 2022.

Cash Flow Statement

Reassign accounts. The new Cash Flow Setup page is split into three categories: Operating Activities, Investing Activities, and Financing Activities. The associated accounts are automatically assigned to each activity by their account type. However, you can reassign accounts to different activities based on how you want each account to display on your cash flow statement.

Split activities into debit and credit lines. By default, for example, Purchase of Fixed Assets is split to follow FASB accounting standards. These lines display descriptions for when fixed assets are bought and sold. Create a split, as well as the descriptions for each split, to display sales and acquisitions for any activity.

Print a cash flow statement. Once you're satisfied with your cash flow settings, print a cash flow statement to complement your Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position, and Statement of Restricted Net Assets (if applicable). See, in detail, how your cash is affected.

Recurring Transactions

Edit a recurrence's next date. If the next date that a transaction is meant to recur is incorrect or needs to be skipped, you can edit it to avoid a new transaction or invoice being created on that date.