August 24, 2022

View enhancements and corrections released on August 24, 2022.

Accounting Reports

Display the total balance your Summary of Restricted Net Assets report. If you use income and expense accounts to track restricted funds, you can include that activity in each type's associated restricted closing account and see their total balance.


Enter consecutive days off. If an employee makes a request to take off multiple days in a row, select the date range to enter all days at once.

Realm's New Look

You will see many changes when you sign in! But don't worry, we have thoroughly detailed information about the new look in our other set of release notes. The notes here cover what effects these changes have on Realm Accounting.

How do I access Realm Accounting? If you own the Realm application, you will need to use the new ministry hub to access Realm Accounting.

Animation showing how to switch between Realm and Accounting in the new ministry hub

What if I only have Realm Accounting? If you've purchased Realm Accounting as a standalone piece, the ministry hub will default to one of the following pages:

  • If you have already set up your general ledger, Realm Accounting defaults to Transactions.

  • If you have not set up your general ledger, Realm Accounting defaults to Settings in the Ledger Setup menu.

Stay in Realm Accounting when you access reports. As mentioned previously, to access Realm Accounting, you must use the new ministry hub if you own the rest of Realm. However, when you need to view financial reports, we want to make sure you do not have to leave your area of expertise. Click Reports to open a new tab, and view all available reports while Realm Accounting is only a tab click away.

If you own Realm Accounting by itself, a new tab does not open.