Assign Jobs to an Employee

Take the jobs you've set up, and select the ones that apply to each employee.

You must set up your jobs before you can assign them. You must have accounting administrator permissions to perform this task.
Note: Only add an employee's regular job here. You will add one-time jobs on individual employees' timesheets.
  1. On the Jobs tab, enter this employee's main pay schedule. If they work multiple job at different frequencies, this serves as the pay schedule for tax calculation.
  2. Select or add a new job title.
  3. Complete the fields so that this employee's pay accurately displays per period. If this is an hourly position, enter the Default Hours and the Overtime Rate in addition to the other fields. See more information on hourly and salaried rates below.
  4. Click Add. Repeat these steps to assign additional jobs.
  5. If you want to continue with this employee, click Next: Tax Information. If you want to return to this later, click Save & Close.
    Tip: If an employee is hourly, their rate is displayed per hour. This is also true for their default overtime rate. These rates will display on your employee's timesheet as soon as they're loaded into it.

    For a salaried employee, the rate is what they earn per year. When payroll is run for a salaried employee, their amount earned per pay period will be calculated based on their annual rate.

Enter tax information. If you saved and closed, you must edit this employee instead