Add Covered Individuals

Add the individuals covered by an employee's health insurance.

Before you begin: You must either select Form 1095-B or Self-Insured Coverage if you use Form 1095-C. You must have accounting administrator permissions to perform this task.
  1. Click Add Individual.
  2. Enter the individual's name.
    1. Optional: If the individual already has a Realm profile, view the information of the names that display below the Name field, and select the appropriate one. If applicable, the remaining information completes automatically once you select a name.
  3. Enter the individual's social security number or their birthday. The IRS only requires one.
  4. Select the individual's coverage details.
    1. If the individual was only covered for part of the year, select the months in which they were.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you want to continue with this employee, click Next: Direct Deposit. If you want to return to this later, click Save & Close.
Set up this employee's direct deposit information. If you saved and closed, you must edit it instead.