Clear an Employee's Direct Deposit Settings

Delete all bank account information, and disable direct deposit from an employee's record.

Warning: This deletes all bank account information from an employee's record. You will need to reenter the information if you decide to pay them via direct deposit again. If you only want to disable direct deposit, turn the Enable Direct Deposit switch Off.
  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Click Accounting > Payroll > Employees.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon beside an employee and select Edit.
  4. On the Direct Deposit tab, click Clear Direct Deposit Settings.
  5. If you clear this employee's settings, you will have to ask them for their bank information if you ever want to add direct deposit again to their record. If you're sure you want to clear their settings, click Clear.
  6. All of this employee's settings are now deleted, and direct deposit is disabled.