Adjust Employee Totals

Adjust previously entered employee totals that require further editing.

You must enter totals before you can adjust them.
  1. Click Accounting > Payroll > Employees.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon beside an employee's name, and select Edit.
  3. On the Pay History tab, click Adjust Totals.
  4. Select the date range in which to adjust totals. The ending date you select will be assigned to the transaction and display on reports and tax forms.
  5. Adjust the totals for this employee's pay, additions, contributions, deductions, and/or taxes. Your adjusted totals display in real time.
  6. Click Save. This automatically creates a transaction for the net difference.

    Reset All Changes

    As you make adjustments, if you need to revert this employee's totals to what they were before you began editing, click Reset All Changes. To confirm, click Continue.