Vendors Field Descriptions

Detailed information that could be helpful while you set up vendors.


Name and Business Name
If the vendor is a person, enter their name in the Name field. If it is a business, enter it in the Business Name field. You can select from existing people and business profiles.
Filter by
If selected, statements will only be included for individuals who contributed to the selected fund(s).
Tax ID
This is an identifying number used for the purpose of filing taxes to the IRS that prints in the Recipients Identification Number box of a 1099. Because a Tax ID could be assigned by the Social Security Administration or by the IRS, make note of which type of number a vendor uses to enter and format it properly. SSNs should be formatted XXX-XX-XXXX for individuals. EINs, on the other hand, should be formatted XX-XXXXXXX for sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, and so on.
Account Number
Enter the account number the vendor has assigned to you.
1099 Vendor
A 1099 is sent to any vendor you pay that is not an employee at the end of the year. Select this option for the vendors who fall under this category.