Prepare a 941

Build your totals for Form 941.

You must have accounting administrator permissions to perform this task.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Accounting. Then click Period End > Tax Forms.
  2. On the Tax Forms tab, select the reporting year.
  3. Select the quarter you want to process a form for:
    • Q1— January to March

    • Q2— April to June

    • Q3— July to September

    • Q4— October to December

  4. Click Prepare Forms beside 941.
  5. In Part 1, your total federal wages and withholding for the quarter displays. Enter the total deposits for this quarter that you have paid.
  6. In Part 2, select whether you are a monthly or semi-weekly schedule depositor.
  7. Follow the instructions on the form, and click Next step: Review Schedule B.
    1. If you are a semi-weekly depositor, review the Schedule B. This displays each payroll run's federal tax liability. These amounts should match the federal tax amount on your liability report for the same period. Then, click Next step: Review Voucher
    2. If you are a monthly depositor, click Next step: Review Voucher.
  8. If you have a balance due and are submitting a payment with your 941, review the voucher and click Done to save your form.