Review and print 1099s for vendors who provide services to you and earn $600 or more a year.

1099-MISC is required whenever a vendor is paid $600 or more in rent, attorney fees, other income, and $10 in royalties during the calendar year. 1099-NEC is required when a vendor is paid $600 or more in services rendered.

Per IRS instructions, file Form 1099-NEC on or before February 1 of the following year via either paper or electronic filing. File Form 1099-MISC by March 1 if you file using paper, or March 31 if you file electronically.

For example, your church's lawn care worker could fall under this category since he is paid by the church, but isn't considered an employee of the church. He and the IRS will both need to receive a 1099 by January 31. This form will show what type of income your lawn care worker has received. In this instance, he would receive a 1099-NEC for nonemployee compensation.