Manage your unpaid invoices, and generate multiple checks.

Vendors send invoices to you after they provide services to your church. If a payment is overdue, an alert will display below the due date on the Unpaid Invoices list.

Negative distributions can represent credits from a vendor. Say an interior designer was hired to help renovate the sanctuary. To improve her business, she offers a 10% discount to clients that were referred by someone else. When you receive your bill, enter the total amount you're expected to pay. Then, enter the cost of the renovation bill as it would've been without the discount. A new line will display automatically showing how much was taken from the total price.

If an invoice payment crosses funds, the checking amount is automatically split by fund. For example, if you hire a catering service for dinner parties at both the church and the school fund and generate a single payment for both, the checking account will automatically be split (or balanced) by fund according to how you generated it.