Change Log

The change log in Realm Accounting only records changes to financial entries.

The change log for Realm Accounting records specific edits or deletions to your financial entries that are kept separate from other changes made in Realm. Filter and print your change log to locate specific edits and have a paper copy of changed items.

There is currently no limit to how long a financial change is logged, so you will always have access to view any item listed in Realm Accounting's Change Log Details linked in the related topics section on this page.

View Financial Changes

Review the various changes made by you or your financial staff.

  1. Click Accounting > Change Log.
  2. Click a column header to sort by it.

Print a Log of Financial Changes

Print a copy of of the change log for Realm Accounting.

  1. Click Accounting > Change Log.
  2. Click the printer icon.
  3. Click Print. A preview of your change log displays.
  4. Click the printer icon for a physical copy or Download for a PDF.

Filter the Change Log

Filter financial changes made in Realm Accounting.

Over time, your financial changes may build up. Use the filter to reduce the amount of information you see in your change log.
  1. Click Accounting > Change Log.
  2. Click the filter icon.
  3. Enter the information that you want to filter, and click Filter.
  4. To erase all fields and start over, click Reset Filter.

Change Log Details

A list of what the change log records.

What does the Change Log record?

  • Edit a posted transaction
  • Edit a reference number on an invoice
  • Delete a check run
  • Edit a 1099 adjustment
  • Delete a 1099 adjustment
  • Approve a budget
  • Reopen a budget as a draft
  • Edit a reopened budget
  • Delete a reopened budget
  • Edit a budgeted item
  • Add budget detail
Chart of Accounts
  • Merge core accounts
Bank Reconciliation
  • Add a transaction
  • Remove a transaction
  • Edit a payroll transaction
  • Edit a job
  • Edit an adjustment
  • Delete a run
  • Edit a workers' compensation account
  • Edit a workers' compensation rate