Enter a Transaction While Reconciling

Enter a missing transaction while reconciling your bank statement.

You must have accounting administrator, bank reconciliation, or the appropriate accounting specialist permissions to perform this task.
While a reconciliation is still in draft form, you can enter transactions you may have missed, a bank fee, or interest earned that you find on your bank statement. Adding a transaction to a reconciliation will post the transaction, so ensure that all transaction data is correct before you save.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Accounting. Then click Bank Reconciliation.
  2. Click the ending date of the reconciliation you want to edit.
  3. Click + Add Transaction.
  4. Select the Transaction Type. If you want this to be the default transaction type, select the Make default other type check box. If adding a check as a Transaction Type, select whether or not the check is printed. If it is, you must assign the Ref. No.
  5. Select the Payee, Date, and Checking Account.
  6. In the Account field, begin entering each account segment then select it from the list that displays as you type. The fund and core accounts are required, the other segments are optional.
  7. Enter the Amount. Optional: Enter a Comment and select a Project.
  8. Click Add Lines if the transaction is split across more than one account. Optional: Enter a Description.
  9. Review the information again to make sure it's correct. When you're ready to post this transaction to your general ledger, click Save & Post.