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Display budget, invoices, and transactions for this year. If you set up your ledger to run on a fiscal year, the This year filter respects that and displays all transactions from the beginning of your fiscal year to the end of the year. Use this to track future transactions and invoices and how they affect your calendar or fiscal budget.Store receipts, tax forms, contracts, and other documents securely with your transactions, invoices, vendors, and employees.

Store receipts, tax forms, contracts, and other documents securely. Upload and attach files to your transactions, invoices, and vendors. You can attach files as you enter information for the first time, or click the paperclip icon to attach files to an item that already exists.

image showing the File, Name, and Notes fields within the Add Attachment tab

Need to view an attachment? Click the paperclip icon on your list of transactions, invoices, or vendors. Then, click the name of the appropriate file to download it.

image showing where to locate the paperclip icon and what it opens when you click it

Attach files and documents to employee records. When accounting administrators set up or edit an employee, they can attach forms, photo IDs, job applications, and more! Only those with the Accounting Administrator role can add, edit, delete, view, and download these attachments.