10.1D Release

If you're part of the Preferred Client Program, you can download the latest desktop version in the Client Portal.

PDS Ledger/Payroll 10.1D, releasing for desktop and OnDemand 5-3-22, offers the following enhancements.


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:
  • If you were viewing a voided check and clicked Print Paychecks in the menu, an irrelevant message was displaying.
  • The "(One-time vendor)" or "(One-time source)" label was displaying even when the option to allow for one-time vendors or income sources was set to No in the Initial Setup window.
  • After the 5-3-22 release, you may have seen a message about downloading Ledger/Payroll 10 "Beta". This version was causing errors to display. If you are getting errors, please update to the new version of 10.1D in the Client Portal, posted 5-31-22.