Payroll Tax Update FAQs

Below are answers to common questions related to payroll tax update.

If my state taxes didn't change, do I still need to load the tax update?

Yes. Although your state taxes did not change, you should load the tax update if there was a federal tax change.

Which version of Ledger/Payroll do I need before loading tax tables?

The latest version of the program is preferred, but minimally you should be running 9.1A because of necessary back-end changes made in that version.

When should I load the tax update?

You can load the 2022 Payroll Tax Tables after running the last 2021 payroll and before running the first payroll for 2022.

Does everyone need to log out of Ledger/Payroll before I update?

Yes. You cannot load the new tax tables if there is another user in the program.

Do I have to load the tax update on every individual workstation?

No. The update only needs to be loaded one time on any workstation.

Do I need to download the file to a disk first?

No. You can save the file on your hard drive and run it from that location. You can also run it directly from the web, but we recommend saving the file first.

Does the tax update affect my next payroll?

Yes. After loading the update, the new tax tables are used in any subsequent payroll. They're in effect immediately, no matter what date you enter for your payroll.

Does the tax update include all of the state changes I need?

Yes. All current state tax changes are in this update. Each time you run payroll, the program checks for updates to the state(s) you currently use.

At any time, you can also manually download the update and add states that you don't already have set up. The update is revised if additional tax changes are made after the initial release.