Create a Batch from a Template

If you've saved a previous batch as a template, you can create a new batch from the template.
  1. Open the Payment/Donation Entry quick posting. In the Quick Posting Batches dialog box, click the Templates tab.
  2. Select the template name you want, then click Use Template.
  3. Enter the date for the new batch, then click Use/OK.
  4. Review all the entries. Make any necessary changes and add any additional families, if needed.
    Tip: If you have a large number of entries and need to correct one, click Filter to find it.
  5. If you need to change any information for all entries in your list, click Change All. Note that your changes only apply to the entries currently displayed.
  6. To post, click Post to Families & Members. Or, to save the batch and post later, click Finish Later.