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MissionInsite Webinar | Beginnings: Who and Where Are We Looking Nov. 22, 2022 webinar
  • Are we looking for congregants, community, or both? Creating shapes will help us know where to look! Join us as we discover this important part in successfully using MissionInsite.

MissionInsite Webinar | Building Your Toolbox for Using MissionInsite Nov. 10, 2022 webinar
  • MissionInsite is a powerful software tool that reveals insights about your community to help your ministry move from data to decisions. In this session we will learn the basic interface and tools found in MissionInsite. We will look at the toolbars and learn how to navigate the system.
Ministry Impact Webinar | American Beliefs Study Report- Understanding our Communities Nov. 10, 2022 webinar
  • Our culture is changing dramatically, so what does this mean for churches in America? This webinar is for those interested in understanding the changing faith community and how answering essential faith questions must impact mission and ministries in your church.

Ministry Impact Webinar | American Beliefs Study Report- Meeting Community Needs Nov. 1, 2022
  • This webinar is for everyone interested in engaging their community more effectively by understanding the current beliefs of their neighbors in a changing world. Discover how today’s current social and moral attitudes as well as the importance of faith in our culture impact the ministries in your church.
Introduction to MissionInsite / Sept. 2022 MinistrySmart Conference
  • If you've never seen MissionInsite, this is where you want to start. This is an introduction to the features and ministry applications available. We'll focus on using the most popular tools and analytics to help your ministry soar.
Creating New Relationships / Sept. 2022 MinistrySmart Conference
  • We'll illustrate the ways that People Plot and Neighbor Center can connect your church with neighbors who live in your ministry area.
Using Opportunity Scan / Sept. 2022 MinistrySmart Conference
  • Most valuable for larger congregations and regional agencies, Opportunity Scan assists in discovery and development of new mission targets and multi-campus strategies.
Discovering Your Church's Ministry Area / Sept. 2022 MinistrySmart Conference
  • How and where should your church focus its ministry? Introducing MissionInsite tools designed to assist in discovering areas of mission potential, including contextual information, creating relevant ministry, and program focus.
Beginnings-Knowing Your Congregation / June 28, 2022 webinar.
  • Learn how to batch import your active congregation into MissionInsite. We'll help you discover where your people live, how they best communicate, and ways to minister to them that meets them where they are. We'll also cover being a MissionInsite Church Admin.