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Demographics and Custom Reports - April 4th 2:00pm EST. Register

Using Shapes and Plotting, we'll discuss the incredible power of Custom Reports in MissionInsite. Custom Reports are a great way to understand your data at a deeper level.

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MissionInsite Webinar | Demographics and Predefined Reports - February 21, 2023, 2 PM EST. Using shapes and plotting, we'll discuss the use of pre-defined reports found in MissionInsite. This webinar is for those who are new to MissionInsite reports, or as a refresher for our more advanced users.
MissionInsite Webinar | Beginnings: Plotting & Neighbor Center Jan. 19, 2023 webinar
  • Help your ministry move from data to decisions. In this session, you'll learn how to plot your congregants on a map, then add your neighbors to that map, as well. Once plotted, the work of analyzing and planning ministry opportunities will come to life!