01 Start Here! (MI Basics; Demographic Data)


MissionInsite is the story of your church, your neighborhood, and your community. It keeps you up to date with the most important demographic trends like median income, family size, educational attainment, expected population growth or decline, and more from trusted analytics leaders like Synergos, Experian, American Beliefs Study, and Epsilon. You'll have access to custom maps, reports, and more, giving you the tools you need to learn a lot more about the people around you.

So what can you do with this data? You can use it to find new ways to love the people in your church, the people in your neighborhood, and the people in your community because you have a much clearer idea of what they need, how to meet that need, and how to communicate your desire to show them the love of Jesus.

So who in your community needs your help the most? Let's use MissionInsite to find out.

  • By watching this video, you'll learn how to use MissionInsite to develop strategies for how this information can immediately be used to bless your neighborhood.

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