Export a Map Image

Exporting a map downloads an image of your map, similar to a screenshot.

Exporting a map image can be helpful if you want to use your map as a part of a presentation to leadership.

When you export a map, what you see is what you get. If you want to choose map overlays, plot data, or need a specific size map, create and export a map.

Note: To export a map at any time, on the Toolbar, click Export Map Image .
  1. In the Control Center, click Navigate Home.
  2. Under Save and Load, click Export Map.
  3. In the Export Type drop-down list, select Map and Legend (One Image), Map Only, Legend Only, or Map and Legend (Separate Images).
  4. In the Image Type drop-down list, select to save your image as a PNG or PDF file.
  5. In the Resolution drop-down list, select Regular (Screen-Shot 96 DPI), High (Print Quality - 300 DPI), or Very High (High Resolution Print Quality - 600 DPI).
  6. Click Download Image.
By default, MissionInsite saves your export in your Downloads folder.