Neighbor Center

Neighbor Center finds neighbors at household level. Using Neighbor Center with People Plot helps you connect your congregants with neighbors around them

You must have access to Neighbor Center. You can request it from your agency administrator.

Neighbor Center and People Plot can help you understand the unique characteristics of your existing ministry households as well as all households within a community or area.

With Neighbor Center, you can plot your neighbors by household and at the street level.

Combining People Plot and Neighbor Center helps you engage your community, build relationships with households based on their unique characteristics, and find new mission opportunities. For example, you use the neighbor center to identify neighborhoods with large populations of seniors to start a senior ministry.

Neighbor Center plots all neighbors in a study area. The number of neighbors that display changes as you zoom in and out of the map. If you draw a shape after plotting neighbors, the neighbor count updates to reflect the number of neighbors inside the shape.

About Neighbor Center Data

Neighbor Center Household Demographic Data is public domain consumer information. By default, a licensed ministry partner or agency administrator must grant access to Neighbor Center.

Since this data, especially estimated household income, can be seen as sensitive, churches and agencies should exercise caution as they grant access to that data.

In addition, no names or genders of children in a household are provided, and children's ages are provided by age range.