Generate Custom Neighborhood Blockgroup Reports

After scanning for opportunities based on a neighborhood mission area, you can generate predefined reports based on blockgroups or clusters of groups.

You can generate a demographics or American Beliefs Study report based on the shape or polygon you drew.
  1. Under Selection Information, expand Selections and Drawings.
  2. Locate the larger active shape boundary, then click Remove Feature from Map. Do not remove the polygon you drew when scanning for opportunities based on a neighborhood.
  3. On the Navigation Bar, click Layers.
  4. In the Control Panel, expand Standard Layers, then select Census Blockgroups. The blockgroup shapes display on the map.
  5. To select one blockgroup, on the Toolbar, click Select from Active Overlay, then click on each blockgroup you want to display. To select multiple blockgroups, hold the Shift key, then select each blockgroup. The selected census blockgroups display under Selections and Drawings.
  6. On the Navigation Bar, click Demographics.
  7. Under Custom Reports, click Build Demographics Report or Build Beliefs Study Report.
  8. Select the options you want to display, then click Generate Report.
Your report displays in the Report Output window. You can download the report, generate a chart, open the report in a new window, or change the font.