Create an Opportunity Scan Based on a Radius or Polygon

When you scan for opportunities in a large geographic area, you can scan based on a radius or polygon you draw.

This is recommended if you know the geographical area you want to scan on or if you want to include multiple cities, small towns, or a rural area.

  1. In the User Assistant, under What Would You Like to Do?, click Create Opportunity Scan.
  2. Select Radius or Polygon I Draw.
  3. Enter an address close to the general area where you want to draw, then click Next .
  4. Under Report Area Drawing, select to create a Radius or draw a Polygon.
  5. Enter your radius information or draw your polygon boundaries. When they are correct, click Next.
  6. Select the variables you want to scan for, then click Next. For example, you could select Overview, Racial/Ethnic Trends, and Hispanic or Latino.
  7. In the Scan By drop-down list, select to scan by Census Blockgroups, Census Tracts, Zipcodes, Counties, States, Elementary School SABS, Middle School SABS, or High School SABS.
  8. Select the Year to view, then click Next.
  9. Under Review and Summary, review your Study and Geography Options. To make changes, click Previous. Otherwise, click Finish.
After scanning for opportunities in a large area, you can analyze smaller areas with a neighborhood level scan.