Build a Demographics Report

After drawing a shape or loading a saved shape, you can build a custom demographics report.

When building the report, you can choose which overview, people, household, family, diversity, housing, or work information displays.

  1. Draw your shape, radius, or travel polygon.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, click Demographics.
  3. Under Custom Reports, click Build Demographics Report.
  4. In the Custom Demographics Reports window, click on the section you want to report on.
  5. Select each trend, summary, or option you want to display on your report. You can display options from each section. To display all options in a section, select Select All .

    When you select an option, it displays under Reports. You can clear any options you may have accidentally selected. Your Study Area also displays.

  6. Click Generate Report.
Your custom demographics report displays in the Report Output window. From there, you can download your report, generate a chart, open your report in a new window, or change your report's font size.
Note: If you close your report and want to reopen it, in the Control Center, click Show Report Output Window.