Navigating MissionInsite with the Control Center

When working with data on a map, the Control Center displays on the right.

As you click on options in the Navigation Bar, they open in the Control Center.

By default, the Home area displays. Here, you can open the User Assistant, change studies, and save and load maps. You can also change your password, log out, or update your personal MissionInsite settings.

Under Administration and Tools, administrators can manage users, edit agency details, add, edit and delete church information, download a MissionInsite email list, or generate administrative reports.

To access the Home area of the Control Center at any time, click Navigate Home.

Select or Change Studies

You can select or change studies in the Control Center.

When you log in, MissionInsite prompts you to select the study you want to work with. If you have access to multiple studies, you can select or change them in the Control Center.
  1. On the Control Center, click Change Study.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the study's District.
  3. A list of study names and descriptions displays. Click on the study you want to access.
After you select a new study, the study's agency boundaries and churches display on the map.

The MissionInsite User Assistant

The User Assistant is a navigation aid.

After you login, the MissionInsite User Assistant displays essential mapping and community discovery building tools. To display the assistant at any time, in the Control Center, click Go to Assistants .

  • People Plot
  • Generate Demographics Report
  • Create Thematic Map
  • Create Opportunity Scan
  • Create/Export a Map
  • Neighbor Center
  • Purchase Address List
    Figure 1. The MissionInsite User Assistant

    Images shows the options on the MissionInsite User Assistant

    People Plot Plot congregants' data on the map or upload data into MissionInsite. This lets you see where congregants are to make effective decisions.
    Generate Demographics ReportGenerate a custom or predefined report. Start by selecting or drawing geographic boundaries, then choose a predefined report or create a custom report.
    Create Thematic Map Display mission realities and opportunities on a map down to the neighborhood level. You can choose from more than 76 demographic variables and customize the map's geography size and color palette.
    Create Opportunity Scan View potential ministry opportunities based on current population estimates and projections based upon census data. Opportunity scans let you target specific demographic variables, analyze and identify regional, community, and neighborhood ministry potential, and determine top ministry target areas. Start by selecting or drawing geographic boundaries, then choose demographic variables. You can scan by geography to create a custom map and select strategic ministry targets.
    Create Export Map Export a map of a selected geographic area. You can choose map overlays and plot data.
    Neighbor CenterEnter an address to find and plot neighbors based on attributes such as gender, marital status, age, children in household, and more.
    Purchase Address ListIf you want to create a mailing campaign to reach local and surrounding communities based on data points, purchase an address list. Addresses are updated regularly, and you can view pricing. You will receive a .csv file from MissionInsite. We do not create mailers, and you are responsible for sending the mailing and all postage costs.