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Population: Currently Enrolled in Education

The number of persons currently enrolled in public or private school by level. This data is reported by the National Center for Education Statistics and used to set the cohort aging for school-aged children in the age variable. Data reported as a percentage of the total population enrolled in some kind of educational program.

Categories reported:

  • Nursery school/preschool

  • Kindergarten/Elementary School

  • High School

  • College/Graduate/Professional school

Population: 25+ by Educational Attainment

The educational attainment level of persons 25 years of age and greater. Census data on schooling completed reflects self-reported information on the highest level of school completed or the highest degree received.

High school graduates include those who received their diplomas or the equivalent (GED for example) and did not attend college. Graduate/Professional degrees include those in medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy, and chiropractic.

Degrees from vocational, trade or business schools were not included unless they were college-level degrees. Degrees from barber schools, cosmetology schools and the like were specifically excluded from the professional school category. Three data points are reported.

Categories reported:

  • Less than 9th Grade

  • Some High School, No diploma

  • High School Graduate (or GED)

  • Some College, No degree

  • Associate Degree

  • Bachelor Degree

  • Graduate or Professional School degree