Population by Household Type

Population by household type reports the total population by the type of household structure where people dwell. There are three categories and three data points.

Categories reported:

  • Population in Family Households

  • Population Group Quarters

  • Population in Non-Family Households

Population: Group Quarters

Population in group quarters includes all people not living in households.

Two categories of people are included 1) the institutionalized population which includes people under formally authorized supervised care or custody in institutions (such as correctional institutions, nursing homes, and juvenile institutions) and 2) the non-institutionalized population which includes all people who live in group quarters other than institutions (such as college dormitories, military quarters, and group homes).

Categories reported:

  • Institutionalized

  • Non-Institutionalized: College

  • Non-Institutionalized: Military

  • Non-Institutionalized: Other