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Population by Age

Age is based upon date of birth information as of the most recent decennial census. Updates and projections to age are generated by cohort aging methods.

These data are reported in multiple ways, including:

  • Detailed age groupings

  • Phase of Life

  • School Aged Population

  • Outreach Opportunities (Children, Preschool, Youth and Young Adult)

Population by Average Age

Average age is calculated by dividing the total aggregate ages of all persons in a defined geography by the total population in that same geography.

Population by Phase of Life

Phase of Life re-categorizes the age detail data into seven life stage characteristics. These phase categories attempt to relate age periods to life experiences common to the age ranges.

Categories reported:

  • Before Formal Schooling: Ages 0 to 4

  • Required Formal Schooling: Ages 5 to 17

  • College/Career Starts: Ages 18 to 24

  • Singles and Young Families: Ages 25 to 34

  • Families and Empty Nesters: Ages 35 to 54

  • Enrichment Years Singles/Couples: Ages 55 to 64

  • Retirement Opportunities: Age 65 and over