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Employed includes all civilians 16 years old and over who were either (1) "at work" -- those who did any work at all during the reference week as paid employees, worked in their own business or profession, worked on their own farm, or worked 15 hours or more as unpaid workers on a family farm or in a family business; or (2) were "with a job but not at work" -- those who did not work during the reference week but had jobs or businesses from which they were temporarily absent due to illness, bad weather, industrial dispute, vacation, or other personal reasons.

Excluded from the employed are people whose only activity consisted of work around the house or unpaid volunteer work for religious, charitable, and similar organizations. People on active duty in the United States Armed Forces are also excluded.

Employed Civilian Population 16+ by Occupation

Civilian (i.e. excluding military) population 16+ by occupational categories. A single data point is reported.

Categories reported:

  • Bldg Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Construction

  • Farming, Fishing, & Forestry

  • Food Preparation Serving

  • Healthcare support

  • Managerial executive

  • Office Admin

  • Personal Care

  • Production Transportation

  • Prof specialty

  • Protective

  • Sales

Employed Civilian Population 16+: Blue/White Collar

Civilian population 16+ segmented between traditionally consider blue and white collar occupations. A single data points is reported.

Categories reported:

  • Blue Collar — typically labor intensive in either the production or service sectors.

  • White Collar — typically professional, managerial, sales and administrative support.

Employed Population 16+ by Sector: Current Year

Estimated current year population 16+ by sector.

Categories reported:

  • For-Profit Private Workers

  • Non-Profit Private Workers

  • Self-Employed Worker in Own Business

  • Federal Government Workers

  • State Government Workers

  • Unpaid Family Workers

  • Local Government Workers

Population 16+ by Employment Status Current Year

Employment status by two data points.

Categories reported:

  • In labor force: Civilian: Employed

  • Not in labor force

  • In labor force: Civilian: Unemployed

  • In labor force: In Armed Forces


This variable presents historical data of unemployment rates. As reported, they are based on the census bureau's definition of unemployment, which differs significantly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (which is what is commonly reported by the media). The rates are not seasonally adjusted and are reported by the eight most recent quarters.

By providing the rates by the eight most recent quarters, one is able to discern the pattern of unemployment in a defined geographic area. If the unemployment rate has been increasing in the historical quarters, this provides an insight into the health of the economy in that area.