Household Type Trends

Household Type Trends presents three household types over three time points: the last census, a current year estimate, and a five year projection.

The types reported include:

  • One person households: a single person residing alone

  • Family households: a householder and one or more other persons living in the same household who are related to the householder by birth, marriage, or adoption

  • Non-family households: unrelated individuals living together

Households by Size

Number of persons per household. This variable indicates the size of households in a selected geography. Households include family and non-family members living in the same house. Three data points are reported.

Categories reported:

  • 1-person household

  • 2-person household

  • 3-person household

  • 4-person household

  • 5-person household

  • 6-person household

  • 7-or-more person household

Household by Gender

Householders by gender can be either female or male. Householders can include children under 18 or not. Two data points are reported.

Categories reported:

  • Female Householder

  • Male Householder