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Create an Application

Applications help coordinators screen potential team members. You can streamline your process for setting up new trips by creating generic application templates.

  • You must be a Go Method administrator to do this.
Applications are a must-have for organizing trips and large scale events. This is where you collect required information useful for screening or preparing members for the upcoming event. You can create multiple templates, which can be used across an unlimited number of trips or events. Consider creating individual templates for local mission trips, foreign mission trips, or other routine events.
  1. Go to Events > Applications.
  2. To create a new application template, click Create Application.
  3. Enter the application name and description.
    Application Template for Generic Application
  4. Set the application to Active or Inactive. Setting the application to Active means the application is now available under the Applications tab. Setting an application to Inactive removes the application from the Applications tab.
    Note: To view inactive applications, click the Include Inactive check box on the Applications tab screen.
  5. Optional: You can require applicants to provide references and permit applicants to use answers from a previously completed application using the Yes and No buttons.
  6. Once complete, click Add Application.

You can see your new application form under Applications.

You're now ready to create application questions.