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Team Member Types

Team member types are a way to categorize event participants. You can adjust the event's pricing, application, requirements, and more based on the team member type.

In Go Method, team members are event participants. However, there can be different types of team members.

For example, you're planning a mission trip to Haiti and you need to recruit a certain number of doctors, nurses, and dentists. You can create a "doctor" team member type, a "nurse" team member type, and a "dentist" team member type. Then, when you open registration for the mission trip, applicants can select their appropriate role, and fill out the relevant application based on their team member type. By categorizing team member types, you can then apply discounts or specific paperwork based on the participant role on the mission trip.

To summarize, setting team member types for your event can be useful in fulfilling trip requirements, varying registration fees, and adjusting the application process to vet your applicants as necessary.