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Event Types

Go Method offers three event types: trips, camps, and general events.

Note: You can set up System Administrators' permissions per event type.

Event types are useful in organizing your events. When you create an event, select the event type from the corresponding drop-down list and enter the event details information for the event type. These fields may change depending on which event type you selected.

The Event Type drop-down list.

To find a specific event, you can filter by the event's type: trips, camps, and general events.

The My Events page with the Event Types filter open and showing the Event Type Filters.

Go Method also tags events as trips, camps, or general events.

Camp Tag for a camp event

Note: Each event type has its own public listing page and corresponding URL to help potential participants find the event they're looking for. These can be found in Admin > Settings > Public Home > Public URLs.