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Roles in Go Method

There are several different roles with varying permissions in Go Method. This is an overview of those roles.

System Admins/Administrators

System admins have more access than team leaders, group leaders, team members, guardians, and contributors. They can see every tab in Go Method, including the Admin tab. There are varying levels of system admin role permissions. You can mix and match these varying permissions to create roles that best suit your organization's needs.

Event Admins/Administrators

Event admins have only admin access to the events for which they are designated admins. Use this role to give a person admin access just for a specific trip. There are varying levels of event admin role permissions. You can mix and match these varying permissions depending on the person to create event admins that best suit your event's needs.

Note: Event admins have admin access to the trip but typically don't go on the trip themselves.

Team Leaders

Team leaders can manage trips, however they only have access to certain permissions within the trip they are leading. They typically go on the trip themselves. Team leaders are established if you add the person to the trip as a team leader or they register themselves under the team leader member type when they registered for the trip.

Team leaders can:
  • Approve or decline applicants
  • View and manage funding for the trip and its participants
  • View and manage requirements for the trip's participants, but they can't sign digital documents for trip participants
  • Update task requirements
  • Schedule trip meetings
  • Message trip members
  • Download the trip roster
  • Download trip packets
  • Manage discussions for all trip members

You are not required to have team leaders on your mission trips.

Group Leaders

In an event, you can segment your participants into separate groups to make things easier, for example to assign one chaperone to a group of mission trip travelers. However, you can also assign a group leader who is not going on the trip to help manage a group prior to trip departure.

Group leaders can message their group members and manage their group members' requirements, with certain restrictions.

If a group leader registered other people in their group, they:
  • Can manage the funding of the members they registered
  • Can manage the requirements, including signed documents, of the members they registered
If a group leader did not register the people in their group, they:
  • Can't manage funding for the members they didn't register
  • Can manage requirements, except signed documents, for all of their group members

You are not required to have group leaders on your mission trips.


The guardian role in Go Method are accounts that oversee participants under the age of 18. Guardians should be the underage participant's parent or legal guardian because they are required to sign documents for trips and events. Guardian accounts have full access to the same dashboard that their participant sees, and they can complete any requirements and sign legal documentation on behalf of their minor.

Team Members/Participants

Participants, or team members, have limited access and can only see information for events they are attending. Rather than seeing a trip dashboard with everyone's funding details and checklists, they can only see information regarding their personal insights for the trip, for example only their own funding details.

Participants can:
  • View event details
  • Add their trip story
  • Share their personal public fundraising page
  • Make payments
  • Complete items on their checklist
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • View meetings
  • Post and participate in discussions
  • Set their preferences for the event


Contributors, or donators, are people who contribute to a trip or team member's funding in Go Method when they are not attending the trip. These could be friends and family members, other partners or families within your organization, or Good Samaritans looking to donate. Donators make monetary contributions to a trip or team member.