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Go Method integrates with Vision 2. Currently, Go Method creates the payment source, people, and donation records in Vision 2. However, edits made to profiles or donations entered in Vision 2 do not update in Go Method.

Go Method syncs online donations made to participants to and from Vision 2. Donations made in Go Method are recorded in Vision 2 as a payment with applied payment details. We recommend you record cash and check donations in Vision 2, first. The donation synchronizes to Go Method.

For example, when someone donates in Go Method, Vision 2 creates a new transaction. Transactions can have multiple applied payment details associated to them, depending on the team members' allocation needs. For example, if a group of three apply for a trip and want to pay a $100 deposit, a transaction of $300 is recorded in Vision 2. But three different $100 applied payment detail records are created and associated with the three volunteer participants.

You can disable this integration at any time. This suspends activity and syncing between the two systems.