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Connect Go Method to your online payment platform.

Authorize.net is a trusted payment processing partner that integrates with Go Method to process donations and refunds that occur in Go Method. You can use your account to accept credit cards and electronic checks.

The payment process has three steps:

  1. Authorization: When customers use their cards to make a purchase, the process of checking that the customer has sufficient funds and allowing the purchase is called authorization.

  2. Capture: Next, the customer's bank verifies that the funds are available and places a hold on those funds.

  3. Settlement: The process of sending funds from the customer's account to the merchant bank is called settlement. A payment network handles the settlement.

Prepare Authorize.net for Integration

  • You must be an Authorize.net administrator.
  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
Before integrating Go Method with Authorize.net, you must enable the Transactions Details API using your organization's Authorize.net password.
  1. Log in to Authorize.net.
  2. In the left menu, click Account > Settings.
  3. Click Security Settings.
  4. Click Transaction Details API.
  5. Enter the answer to your secret question.
  6. Click Enable Transaction Details API.
Now that you have your transaction key, you are ready to integrate with Go Method.

Synchronize Go Method and Authorize.net

These steps synchronize payment information.

In the previous task, you used your administrator's password to confirm to Authorize.net that your organization wants to allow Go Method to synchronize or share payment information.The steps below complete the setup and make it possible for you to being accepting donations via your Authorize.net payment processing service.
  1. Click Admin > Settings..
  2. On the left menu, click Software Integration > Payment Merchants.
  3. Click Add Payment Merchant.
  4. In the list of payment merchants, find Authorize.net and click Connect Authorize.net.
  5. When the menu displays, enter the Account Name, Payment Methods, Transaction Key, and API Login ID.
  6. Click Connect.