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Group Member Management

Go Method assigns group members to the specific group going on the trip in Rock RMS. Team members' names, roles, and member status display under Group Members.

When individuals apply, the process adds the person to the group in Rock. Depending on the rules set on the trip in Go Method, the group member status is pending, active, or inactive.

As an individual completes registration, Go Method updates Rock RMS on group member status.

Group Members Mapping

Values or field names are slightly different between various software products. This table indicates how group member values or fields are matched during the one-way sync between Go Method and Rock RMS.

Rock RMS ValueGo Method Value
PersonThe person found or created from Go Method
RoleTeam Leader or Team Member
Member StatusBased on the stage the individual is in on the trip:
  • Pending - The individual applied but has not yet been accepted to the trip.
  • Active - The individual is actively on the trip either because he/she was accepted or added to the trip.
  • Inactive - The individual was once on the trip but is now removed.