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Event Management

Go Method transfers event data to Rock RMS. This is a one-way sync.

  1. When you create an event in Go Method, you'll see Rock RMS Options. Click the Donation Account drop-down list to select a fund or account event donations should go to. All future funds are associated with this account.

  2. Creating an event in Go Method adds a new group to Rock with the type "Fundraising Opportunity" applied. Go Method organizes all groups under the parent group "Go Method" in Rock.
  3. When a Go Method administrator searches for individuals to add to an event, we search for the first and last name of the person. If the individual exists in your ChMS, you can select the individual in Go Method.

Events Mapping

Values or field names are slightly different between various software products. This table indicates how event or tip fields are matched during the one-way sync between Go Method and Rock RMS.

Rock RMS ValueGo Method Value
NameEvent Name
Group CapacityMaximum Head Count
Group Type'Fundraising Opportunity'
Financial AccountDonation Account
Individual Fundraising GoalTotal Cost Per Person
Opportunity TitleTrip Name
Opportunity Type'Trip'
Enable Commenting'No'
Allow Individual Disabling of Contribution Requests'No'
Allow Individual Editing of Fundraising Goal'No'
Cap Fundraising AmountAllow Fundraising Past Goal Amount?
Opportunity Date RangeTravel Dates Start Date/End Date