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Donation Management

Go Method synchronizes to and from Rock RMS. Rock tracks donations made in Go Method as transactions with transaction details.

Go Method updates Rock with a transaction record when online donations occur in Go Method. However, we recommend you manually enter cash or check donations in Rock first, so Go Method can record the donation.

  1. When donations occur in Go Method, Go Method creates a transaction in Rock RMS. Transactions can have multiple transaction detail items associated to the item, depending on the allocation needs of participants. For example, if a group of three applies for an event and each person pays a $100 deposit, Rock RMS records one transaction of $300 in 3 separate $100 transaction detail records, allocated to the three group members.

  2. For transactions created in Rock RMS, Go Method periodically checks the ChMS for new transactions, but only recognizes and syncs the transaction when the group or participant is associated with a transaction via the 'Fundraising Matching' process in Rock. This is useful when participants pay in cash or check.

PushPay Donations

If you use PushPay for online giving, transactions are recorded in your ChMS via PushPay and not Go Method.

PushPay writes a transaction and one detailed record of the transaction to the ChMS . Go Method identifies the transaction and splits the transaction into details necessary. For example, if four people sign up for a trip and the payment needs to be split, Go Method divides and assigns the transactions to the right group members in the ChMS.

Note: If PushPay is your payment merchant, select Pushpay Merchant and the fund you want to associate from PushPay.

Donations Mapping

Values or field names are slightly different between various software products. This table indicates how donation records are matched during the two-way sync between Go Method and Rock RMS.

Rock RMS ValueGo Method Value
SettledDateDate of transaction success
Transaction Type'Contribution'
Authorized PersonPerson that made donation
Transaction CodeReference Number
Note: This reference number differs depending on the Payment Merchant
Show as AnonymousSet by donor. Donor has ability to select if donation should be anonymous.
Currency TypeSet by is payment is eCheck or Credit Card
Transaction ValueTransaction Details
Account IDThe account selected under Rock Options when editing an event in Go Method.
AmountThe amount of the transaction (could be dependent on the selection on group sign up for pay deposit or pay in full).
Entity IDThis is optional. Set by if the donation is on the event level or for a team member.
Entity Type'Group Member'