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Assign the Rest Key to A Security Role

After you create the REST Key, you must assign it to a Rock security role that has permission to create new financial, people, and group records.

  • You must be a ChMS system admin to do this.
We strongly recommend associating the REST Key with the RSR - Rock Administration security role because this role writes data to Rock for finance, people, and groups.
  1. Launch Rock RMS and enter your login credentials.
  2. In the left menu, place your cursor over the toolbox icon to display Admin Tools.
  3. Click Security > Security Roles.
    screenshot showing security roles in Rock RMS
  4. On the list of Security Roles, click RSR - Rock Administration.
    screenshot showing the correct security role in Rock RMS
  5. Under Group Members, click the add icon. Search for the name you gave the REST key, which should be "Go Method". If you named it something else, search for that name.
    screenshot showing how to add group members to a security role
  6. Click Save.
CAUTION: Go Method cannot identify if the REST Key is properly assigned to a security role.
Now, Let's establish a connection by associating the REST key in Go Method.