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Donation Management

Donations and refunds made in Go Method are transferred to Planning Center Online, eliminating redundant data entry.

When donors donate, we apply the donation to a batch for the day. If no current batch exists, Go Method creates one in PCO and adds the donation to that batch. All donations made for the day go to this batch.

If needed, Go Method can refund donations, and PCO records the refund.

  • Fund: The donation selected under PCO Options when editing an event in Go Method.
  • Amount: The amount of the transaction.
  • Person: Donor that provided the funds. PCO creates a record of this person.

PushPay Donations

If you use PushPay for online giving, transactions are recorded in your ChMS via PushPay and not Go Method.

PushPay writes a transaction and one detailed record of the transaction to the ChMS . Go Method identifies the transaction and splits the transaction into details necessary. For example, if four people sign up for a trip and the payment needs to be split, Go Method divides and assigns the transactions to the right group members in the ChMS.

Note: If PushPay is your payment merchant, select Pushpay Merchant and the fund you want to associate from PushPay.

Donation Mapping

Values or field names are slightly different between various software products.This table indicates how donation fields are matched during the one-way sync between Go Method and Planning Center Online.

Planning Center Online ValueGo Method Value
Payment Source'Go Method'
Payment Method'ach' or 'card'
Payment Last 4Payment Last 4
Payment BrandPayment Brand


When editing an event, this is the donation selected under Options.
The monetary value of the transaction.
The individual's name who provided the funds. If needed, Go Method creates a record of this person as a donor.

Disable Donation Receipts for Go Method

Go Method and Planning Center Online send email receipts to donors.

  • You must be a ChMS system admin to do this.
In PCO, you can disable donation receipts so donors do not receive repeat donation receipt emails from Go Method.
  1. Log in to PCO.
  2. In the top left, click Home > Giving.
  3. In the top menu, click Manage.
  4. In the left menu, click Payment Sources.
  5. Under External, click Go Method.
    Edit Payment Source window displays.
  6. If selected, clear Email donation receipts for Go Method donations.
  7. Click Save.