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Planning Center Online

Go Method integrates with Planning Center Online (PCO). Currently, Go Method creates the payment source, people, and donation records in PCO. However, edits made to profiles or donations entered in PCO do not update in Go Method. You can disable this integration at any time. This suspends activity and syncing between the two systems.

  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
  • A PCO administrator must be present to establish a connection between the two systems.
    Tip: Before you begin integration, we recommend this administrator create a unique administrator login in Planning Center Online to represent system changes. This login will be used in these steps. Synchronization activity is accredited to this login in your change log or audit record.
Currently we do not sync meeting attendance with PCO or any other ChMS. If you need attendance data, we suggest that you connect each meeting to a task. When attendance is complete, the task is marked done, and the data is available in the Team Roster export file.
  1. Click Admin > Settings..
  2. In the left menu, click Software Integration.
  3. Click Planning Center Online.
  4. At the bottom, click Turn on Integration. A new window launches in PCO.
    Screenshot of the integration page.
  5. Log in to Planning Center Online using the unique login mentioned in the Before You Begin Tip.
  6. To give Go Method access to people, donation, and check-in data, click Allow in PCO.
After successful integration...
  • Go Method creates a Payment Source in PCO called "Go Method". All donations in the PCO database reflect this new payment source.
  • If PushPay is your payment merchant, do not select Planning Center Online. Instead, under Payment Merchant, select PushPayand then select a fund to associate from PushPay.
  • For all other merchant accounts, when you create a trip or an event in Go Method, you can now select the donation fund found under PCO Options. If you do not see these options when you create a new trip, your integration is not successful.

Next, we recommend disabling e-mail donation receipts for Go Method in PCO so donors do not receive repeat donation emails.