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Syncing Data

Go Method can update profiles and create donation records in Ministry Platform. It can also create events or pledge campaigns using global variables. If global variables do not display, integration was unsuccessful.

  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
  • You must be a ChMS system admin to do this.
Before Go Method can create records in Ministry Platform, you must select global variables that will be used to identify the source of these updates there. For example, you select "Donor Participant Type" to be "Visitor". Later in the week, one of your mission team member's receives a $500 donation toward a mission trip to Zambia. Go Method will synchronize the donor name and amount of the donation in MP, while attributing the "Donor Participant Type" to "Visitor".
  1. Log in to Go Method.
  2. Click Admin > Settings..
  3. In the left menu, click Software Integration.
  4. Under Ministry Platform, enter the global variables.
  5. Once complete, Click Save.
Once integration is successful, Go Method creates files inside Ministry Platform to send information between Go Method and MP. Please do not delete these. If they are deleted, Go Method recreates them. This image shows an example of the files that Go Method creates.

A screenshot showing files created in MP.

Global Settings

Global variables synchronize data between Ministry Platform and Go Method. Go Method relies on these global settings to send data to Ministry Platform.

Household SourceWhen new people are added into Go Method, Go Method creates a household source in MP. Household source defines how the new person became affiliated with the organization. We recommend creating a household source called Go Method so that when contact is made via Go Method, it will be the source of How.
Household CongregationAlso known as a campus. When new people are added into Go Method, a household congregation is created. House congregation defines where the new person became affiliated with the organization. Example(s): Stockbridge Campus, Peachtree City Campus.
Team Member Participant Type In Ministry Platform, team members have a Participant Record. The Participant Record adds individuals to events. Select a value, such as member or visitor, from the Team Member Participant Type.
Donor Participant TypeIn Ministry Platform, donors have a Participant Record. The Participant Record creates pledges when contributors donate. Example: Visitor, Guest, Member.
General Person

When donations happen on the event itself online from Go Method, Go Method records that donation in Ministry Platform. To record the donation, it is required that the donation has a donor record which requires a contact record. Type in the Contact ID from Ministry Platform for the "General Person" inside Ministry Platform.

Internal Transfers PersonWhen online donations move into Go Method, Ministry Platform records those moves. MP suggests designating an Internal Transfer Person where a positive/negative donation distribution offset can be present to show the move. This field is used to provide the Contact ID of the Internal Transfer Person in MP.
NotesWhen data moves from Go Method to Ministry Platform, notes attach to the data to track how the data originated. Go Method gives default content for the note, but it is editable and it's possible to alter the note content.