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People Management

Go Method adds people to Ministry Platform (MP) when they do not exist and updates an individual's information when information updates in Go Method.

Note: Ministry Platform cannot inform Go Method when an individual's information changes in Ministry Platform.

Go Method assigns participants to the event in MP. To view participants in MP, select the event. Participants are located on the tab at the bottom.

When an individual applies for an event, the sync process adds the person to the event in MP. Depending on the rules set on the event in Go Method, the event participant will be added to one of three participation statuses.

  • Interested - The individual has applied, but has not been accepted to the event in Go Method.
  • Registered - The individual is actively on the event either by being accepted to the event in Go Method.
  • Canceled - The individual was once on the event but is now removed or was rejected.

As individual's register, Go Method continues to update MP .

People Mapping

These Ministry Platform people management data fields correspond to the following Go Method values.

Table 1. Household Information
Ministry Platform FieldGo Method Value
Household NameLast Name
Household Source IDGlobal Household source ID from Settings
Congregation IDGlobal Congregation ID from Settings
AddressPerson Address (Address is stored on household in MP)
Table 2. Contact Information
Ministry Platform FieldGo Method Value
First NameFirst Name
Middle NameMiddle
NicknameNOT USED
Last NameLast
Display NameLast Name, First Name
Date of BirthBirthdate
Contact StatusMP default configuration value for ContactStatusID
Mobile PhonePhone