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Background Check Management

A Protect My Ministry account is required for integration. Turn on Background Checks.

  1. When individuals register for events requiring background checks, Go Method prompts individuals to sign a consent form and request a background check.

  2. When individuals apply for events, Go Method checks for an existing background check in Ministry Platform. If a current background check is found, Go Method requests the information from Ministry Platform.

After you integrate with Protect My Ministry, you must select the background check type in Go Method. The background check type selected identifies if the person already has a background check. If there is a background check, but it doesn't match the type selected, a new background check will be created for the individual.

To view background check types in Ministry Platform, click Background Check. The list you see in this field populates based on the background check types configured in Ministry Platform.

Note: If a participant has a background check through Protect My Ministry on file in Ministry Platform, that background check is used in Go Method. If the participant does not have a background check on file in Ministry Platform, they can apply for the background check in Go Method and the background check will sync in Ministry Platform.