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Turn on FellowshipOne Integration

Activate the FellowshipOne integration.

  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
  • You must have your church code from FellowshipOne. This is the same one you use to log in to your ChMS.
  • When you signed up with Go Method, you selected FellowshipOne as your ChMS. If you did not select FellowshipOne, please open a support ticket to change it.
Now that you have granted Go Method access to data in F1, add your church code to turn on integration in Go Method.
  1. Click Admin > Settings..
  2. In the left menu, click Software Integration.
  3. Enter your Church Code.
  4. Click Turn On Integration.
    You will be redirected to your F1 account.
  5. Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
  6. Click Allow.
If integration is successful, Team Member and Contributor status fields display. If you do not see these fields, restart integration.
Next, set up statuses for team members and contributors.