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Set up Statuses

Set up statuses for team members and contributors.

  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
  • You must be a ChMS system admin to do this.
After you integrate Go Method and FellowshipOne, the fields for Team Member status and Contributor status display in Go Method. Selecting a status for team members and contributors synchronizes profile, fund, attendance and activity data between Go Method and F1.
  1. Click Admin > Settings..
  2. In the left menu, click Software Integration.
  3. Select a status for Team members and Contributors. We recommend that you also set up a "New from Go Method" status. For additional detail, see Data Synchronization .
    Note: If no values are present in the drop-down list under Team Members or Contributors, integration was unsuccessful. We recommend restarting integration.
The values you selected will be applied to records created in Go Method. Your integration is complete.
As a reminder, each time you create a trip or event, you should associate each to a specific fund and sub-fund. The funds and sub-funds that exist in F1 display in drop down lists. Once associated, your Go Method accounting reports will then include transactions for events.